Waste Management Plan - New

New Waste Management Plan

The Township of Malahide, the Municipality of Bayham, and the Municipality of Central Elgin are jointly completing a Waste Recycling Strategy and Waste Management Plan. This joint approach has been taken to consider waste management planning on a broader scale and because it is more cost effective.

As a part of this Plan, we will be consulting with the residents to get your thoughts and ideas. This consultation will include an on-line survey and public meetings.  The municipalities have retained environmental consultants 2cg (www.2cg.ca), out of London, to assist us with this project.

Currently, the municipalities primarily offer garbage and blue box collection and depot days for household hazardous wastes and large items. The current waste diversion rates range from 10-30%. The Province's waste diversion goal is 60%, however, very few municipalities in Ontario have yet to achieve this goal.

The intent of this project is to review the current waste management systems and develop a Plan for the next 20 years.
There are a number of questions that need to be addressed as a part of the Plan development, including this key question:
1.   What is an appropriate waste diversion rate target for the 3 municipalities?
The answers to the following questions will help answer the key question:
2.   Can the existing programs be enhanced or are completely new programs required?
3.   What types of new programs could be added to the current waste management system that could reduce waste disposal and improve waste diversion; and
4.   Should each municipality continue to operate its own garbage and recycling programs or is it worth working together to operate and manage one garbage and recycling program?

On Wednesday, April 27th, 2011 approximately 30 residents from Central Elgin, Bayham and Malahide participated in a workshop where they shared their ideas on waste diversion rates and initiatives.  The input from this workshop along with input from surveys will be considered as part of the Plan development.  VIEW WORKSHOP PRESENTATION

Final Waste Management Plan

summer at central elgin

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