The By-law Enforcement team is committed to serving, protecting and providing a desired quality of life for residents and visitors. The By-law Enforcement department operates on a complaint basis and investigates infractions. This includes, but is not limited to:

By-law complaints are processed in accordance with the Municipality of Central Elgin Municipal Law Enforcement Policy.

Before submitting please note: Anonymous complaints will not be investigated at or accepted. Following the submission of a complaint, the complainant will not receive any follow-up, involvement, information, or correspondence regarding the complaint since the process is protected by the Municipality Freedom of Information and Protection or Privacy Act.

  By-law Complaint Form

Frequently Requested By-laws

Below are our most frequently requested Municipal By-laws. If you don't see what you're looking for, or need a By-law in an alternative format, please contact our office. The By-law documents developed for website presentation are not an official version of the By-law and are provided as a convenience only.


Dangerous Dogs

Dog Control 

Dogs at Large

Exotic Animals 

Building and Home

Building Permit

Development Charges

Lot Maintenance

Property Standards

Pool Fencing


Council Procedures

Public Notice

Fire Related