A growing municipality requires investment in growth related infrastructure to service new development. Development charges are fees that are paid by new development upon the issuance of a building permit to fund the capital cost of growth related services constructed throughout the municipality.

Development charges play an important part in how growth infrastructure is financed in Central Elgin. Each new house, apartment, commercial building, etc. requires infrastructure and services in order to function efficiently and effectively.

You can view the Development Charges Act for more information.

Projects Subject to Charges

You may be required to pay development charges for land development or redevelopment projects, if you are:

  • Constructing a new building
  • Making an addition or alteration to an existing building that increases the number of residential units or the non-residential gross floor area
  • Redeveloping a property or making interior alterations that result in a change of use to all or part of a building


There are a number of exemptions and reduction of fees offered within the Development Charges By-law. A few examples of developments that are not subject to development charges include:

  • An addition to an existing dwelling or dwelling unit that does not increase the number of units beyond a total of 3 units
  • 1 or 2 new dwelling units in an existing single-detached dwelling or residential building
  • Non-residential farm buildings
  • Industrial Developments as they provide employment opportunity to residents

Additional exemptions and details can be found in the Development Charges By-law.

Background Study

The Development Charges Act requires that a background study be prepared to determine fees based on current service levels, projected projects to accommodate growth and the forecasted amount, type and location of future development within the municipality. See the Municipality's Development Charges Background Study, and Addendum Report 1 for details on how fees are set.


Please view the Development Charges Table for more information.