Paid parking is enforced from May 1 - September 30, from 10 am to 5 pm

The Municipality offers several parking lot locations throughout Central Elgin. The costs of the municipal paid lots are $4 hour, $20 per day.

Please view the map below for the parking lot locations throughout Central Elgin.

Electric Charging Stations

Ways to Pay

Honk App

Central Elgin has teamed with Honk to deliver secure, contactless payments to beachside parking in Port Stanley. The main beach parking lot, the west harbour parking lot, and the boat launch parking lot have all been upgraded with Honk's payment technology.

Visitors to Port Stanley can pay in one of two ways:

  1. Download the free Honk Mobile App from the AppStore or Google Play
  2. Tap your phone on tap-to-pay smart stations for a quick checkout experience

You can also purchase hourly or seasonal parking passes online by visiting the Online Honk Platform

Pay by Plate

Paying for parking with Pay by Plate take three simple steps:

  1. Customers park, walk up to any Pay-by-Plate machine
  2. Key in their license plate
  3. Make a payment by credit card or cash

Seasonal Passes

Central Elgin also offers seasonal passes from the months of May to October, for those frequently visiting the beaches. 




Single Vehicle

$100 + HST

 Buy a Vehicle Pass

Vehicle with Boat Trailer

$120 + HST

 Buy a Vehicle and Trailer Pass

Overnight Parking

Central Elgin offers residents Residential Overnight Parking Permits, to be exempt from the overnight parking ban during winter months, subject to specified terms and limitations. 

Apply For An Overnight Parking Pass

Costs depends on what category the applicant falls into. 

Category 1

A Category 1 Residential Overnight Parking Permit may be issued to the owner of eligible property for a specified vehicle if,
  • The property in respect of which the Residential Overnight Parking Permit is requested has less than two (2) on-site parking spaces, including any spaces located within a garage;
  • The property in respect of which the Residential Overnight Parking Permit is registered does not have the potential for creation of two (2) or more on-site parking spaces, including any spaces located within a garage; and
  • The property in respect of which the Residential Overnight Parking Permit is requested is not located within two hundred fifty (250) meters, measured by the “most direct” or “straightest” walking route, of a municipal parking lot maintained between the dates for which the Residential Overnight Parking Permit will be issued; provided that the said distance requirement shall not apply in circumstances in which the owner of the property in respect of which the Residential Overnight Parking Permit is requested possesses an accessible parking permit issued by the Ministry of Transportation for the discretion of the Director of Infrastructure and Community Services.

Cost for a Category 1 Permit is $100 (+tax), and is effective for one year from the date of issue.

Category 2

A Category 2 Residential Overnight Parking Permit may be issued to the owner of property not eligible for a Category 1 Residential Overnight Parking Permit.

Cost for a Category 2 Permit is $200 (+tax), and is effective for one year from the date of issue.

Parking FAQ

What parking lots in Port Stanley require me to pay?

A: The Municipality has implemented paid parking in all municipally owned parking lots in Port Stanley.  These lots are:

  • Little Beach Lot
  • East Pier Lot (south end of Main St)
  • Pharmacy Parking Lot (north of Bridge St. and west of Colborne St.)
  • Visitors Centre Parking Lot (Carlow Road and Bridge St.)
  • West Pier Parking Lot (south end of Carlow Road)
  • Lotus Lane Parking Lot (east of William St.)
  • Main Beach Parking Lot (south side of Edith Cavell Blvd.)
  • Old Ball Park Lot (north side of Edith Cavell Blvd.)
  • Erie Rest Beach Lot
When do I have to pay for parking?
A: Payment is required as follows:
  • Between May 1st to September 30th.
  • All lots except the Boat Launch Parking Lot 10 am to 5 pm.
  • Boat Launch Parking Lot, payment is required, 24 hrs. per day
How much do I have to pay to park?

A: Rates are $4 per hour to a maximum of $20 per day. This includes HST.  

What electronic parking app can I use to pay for parking if I don’t want to use the pay station?

A: In addition to paying at the physical pay machine in the lot you wish to park, the Municipality of Central Elgin accepts payment though the Honk Mobile app and the Parkedin app.

Can I purchase a seasonal pass so I don’t have to pay each time?

A: Yes.  A seasonal parking pass can be purchased using the Honk mobile platform ( as follows:

  • For all lots except the Boat Launch - $100 plus HST. 
  • Boat Launch Parking Lot - $120 plus HST. 

How does a seasonal pass work?

A: When you purchase a seasonal pass from the Honk Mobile platform, your license plate is registered into the parking system.  Enforcement officers will verify your license plate and see that you have purchased a pass and not ticket you.

When I pay for parking, can I park in any lot?

A: No. When you purchase parking either at the pay station or through Honk Mobile or Parkedin app, you are entitled to park in the corresponding lot where you made your purchase. If you purchase a season’s pass, you are entitled to park in any municipal lot in Port Stanley except the Boat Launch Lot.

Why do I have to provide my license plate for a day pass or a seasonal parking pass?

A: A license plate is used to verify that a person has paid for parking.  There is no need to return back to your car and place a ticket on the dashboard.  As well, by using the license plate it prevents sharing of passes or duplication of passes.  If you use one of the mobile apps to purchase parking and you are having a great day and want to extend your parking time you can do that using a smart phone from where you are.  No need to return to the parking lot.

Am I allowed to swap my plate on Honk or Parkedin?

A: No, plate swaps are not permitted as payment for parking is for one specific plate number.

Is there anywhere that I can park for free?

A: 15 minute courtesy spots are available in the Pharmacy Parking Lot and 30 minute courtesy spots are available in the Visitors Centre Lot.  These are provided to allow for motorists to park for a quick run into a store, public washroom or gain information from the Tourism Kiosk at the Visitor’s Centre

On-street parking remains free of charge.

Are there any restrictions for on street parking?

A: While on street parking is free there is a two hour time limit for on street parking between 10am and 5pm for streets in the commercial area of Port Stanley. Streets that have a 2 hour restriction are Main St., Bridge St., Hetty St., Colonel Bostwick Street., Joseph St, Colborne St (Bridge to Charlotte), and William St. This encourages turnover of free spots and assists motorists the ability to park and frequent Port Stanley’s many fine boutiques and shops.

Where can I park a truck and camping trailer, motorhome or bus?

A: The only lot that can accommodate these larger vehicles is the East Pier Parking lot. If your vehicle takes more than one spot then you will be required to pay for each spot that you use to park the vehicle.
 Can I camp in a parking lot in Port Stanley?
A: While we welcome all visitors to Port Stanley, overnight camping is not permitted in Port Stanley. If you are travelling through and would like to stay at one of Port Stanley’s fine inns for a break from your camper, then you can park overnight in the East Pier Parking Lot.  
Why do I have to pay to park?
A: While Port Stanley is lovely with all of its beaches, waterfront, harbor, and parkland, it is a substantial cost to operate and maintain. Paid parking revenues help to offset these costs and maintain parking lots. Without paid parking revenue this financial burden would be placed on all residents of Central Elgin through their property tax levy.   

If I don’t pay for parking or park illegally, how much are the fines?

A: Effective August 1, 2022, the fine schedule is the following:
  • Parking beyond maximum time (time expired) in a Beach Zone - $90
  • Parking beyond maximum time (time expired) all other lots - $75
  • Parking vehicle in excess of 2 hours in designated 2 hour parking area - $105
  • Parking for purposes of overnight camping - $200 
How can I pay my parking ticket?

A: Parking tickets can be paid by mail or in person at the Provincial Offence Office (POA) located at 480 Sunset Drive, St. Thomas.

Payments can also be made by phone at 519-631-1460 ext. 300 with credit card information.

For more information please visit the Elgin County Provincial Offences page

How do I dispute a ticket?

A: The Municipality of Central Elgin will only consider informal parking ticket disputes where an administrative error is reasonably believed to have occurred.

(An example is where an incorrect plate number was entered into a pay machine and where proof of payment can be demonstrated.)

All other forms of dispute must take place by following the instructions on the ticket and exercising Option 2 – Trial Option and by attending the Ontario Court of Justice located at 480 Sunset Drive, St. Thomas Ontario N5R 0J5.

This informal dispute form must be submitted within 3 calendar days (72 hours) of the issuance of the parking ticket (date on the ticket). Failure to submit within 3 days may result in automatic rejection of the informal dispute. The Municipality reserves the right to reject an informal dispute for any reason.


Important: If you have received a ticket, you must still follow the instructions on the rear of the ticket and exercise either Option 1 –Payment or Option 2 –Trial within the time frame specified, unless you receive notice from the Municipality in writing that you were successful in the informal dispute process and the ticket has been cancelled. Submitting this dispute form does not absolve you from the requirement to either pay or dispute the ticket in court within the specified time frame. The Municipality makes no guarantee that informal dispute forms will be reviewed and that a decision will be rendered within the required time period to exercise your options.

Online Parking Dispute Form

PDF Parking Dispute Form

Please send completed PDF forms to (

How do by-law officers know that I have paid?

A: With this new technology, once by-law enforcement officers scan the license plate, the paid/unpaid status of vehicles will be displayed on their tablets. That's why it is no longer necessary to display the receipt on the dashboard.

Do I need to place the receipt on my dashboard?

A: No, with Pay by Plate it is not necessary to display the receipt on the dashboard.