Central Elgin offer residents, realtors and law firms a Property Tax Portal which is a convenient way to review your property tax account anytime!

Central Elgin issues an interim property tax bill and final property tax bill each year. Central Elgin has 4 property tax installments which are due:

  • February 15 and May 15 for the interim property tax bill
  • August 15 and November 15 for the final property tax bill

The interim property tax bill is issued in January and is estimated at 50% of your prior year's property taxes. The final property tax bill is issued in July, and reflects the current year's property taxes less the interim billing.


Payment Options

Pre-Authorized Payment Plan

Submit a PAP Application

Cancel Your PAP

Change Your PAP

Pre-Authorized Payment Plans will not withdraw supplemental or omitted tax bills automatically unless you contact the Municipality with authorization.


 Send to the Municipal office at 450 Sunset Drive, St. Thomas (cheques only)

In Person 

In person at the main office during operating hours (Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm) by cash, cheque and debit. 

If this timeframe does not work for you, please email the coordinator to make arrangements.

At Your Bank 

  • Telebanking (requires 19-digit roll number with no spaces or periods)
  • Internet banking (requires 19-digit roll number with no spaces or periods)
  • Direct payment (provide your tax bill)

Mortgage Companies

If arrangements have been through a mortgage provider, tax amounts are sent directly to the property owner's mortgage company for payment. A bill is mailed to the owner at the end of the year after all payments have been received.


Overdue Property Taxes

Property Tax Bill Not Received/Charges/Penalty/Fees

Penalty/interest of 1.25% is charged on taxes due and unpaid on the first day of the default and then the first day of each month thereafter. A $5.25 past due notice fee will be applied when the Municipality issues you a past due property tax notice.

Did not receive your property tax bill?

Penalty, interest and fees incurred due to late or non-payment because you did not receive your property tax bill cannot be waived. Here are some tips to remember when expecting to receive your property tax bill:

  • Interim and final property tax bills are issued and due at the same time every year (unless otherwise stated).
  • Advance notice of the issuance and mailing of tax bills is advertised on the Municipality’s website.
  • It is the property owner's responsibility to ensure that they receive the property tax bill and that they use the Property Tax Portal or call 519-631-4860 x 280 if your tax bill is not received.
  • If your property tax bill is returned by Canada Post as "undeliverable", Finance staff will review each bill returned and attempt to locate a mailing address or update the property ownership information whenever possible and issue a duplicate tax bill. 

Account Information

Change of Ownership 

All legal ownership changes are processed through the Land Registry Office (519-631-3015).


The purchaser’s lawyer will notify the property tax office of the ownership change on closing. Once the ownership change has been processed, a current property tax bill, pre-authorized payment application and access instructions for our online portal will be mailed to the new property owner. The purchaser’s lawyer will provide the address for service for the new owner.  

The Municipality also receives bi-weekly Municipal Sales Listings from MPAC with all legal ownership changes from the Land Registry Office. 


The following fees are associated with property tax services:



Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF)


Tax Certificates


New Account Setup


Past Due Notice Fee


Tax Sale Registration Process

Cost Recovery + 25%

Tax Bill Reprints


Addition to the Roll

Cost Recovery + 25%

Mortgage Billing Fee

$ 11.25/Roll/Billing


Property Tax Portal 

Visit your tax portal for account details.

View Portal

Tax Rates

Central Elgin calculates your tax bill by multiplying your property assessment value by the tax rate, and adding your garbage cart fee. If you don't agree with the value of your property assessment, contact MPAC at 1-866-296-6722 or visit MPAC online.

2024 Tax Rates


Past Rates











Supplemental and Omitted Tax Bills

The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) provides the Municipality with supplementary and omitted assessments for the current year and up to two years prior. You may receive a Property Assessment Change Notice for a supplementary or omitted assessment. You'll receive one of these notices when your property's assessed value or classification changes because improvements to the property or a change in its use. Supplemental and Omitted Assessments are billed in addition to the regular billing cycle and are issued throughout the year.

New Build / Improvement to Property

If you have built a new home and your property is not yet assessed, you can contact MPAC at 1-866-296-6722 to obtain comparable assessments in your area. Remember, property taxes are calculated by taking the assessed value of the property and multiplying it by the tax rate.

Once MPAC assesses your new home, you will receive a Property Assessment Change Notice from them. You will then receive a Supplemental property tax bill from the Municipality which will be back-dated to your date of occupancy.

Please visit MPAC's website which has some helpful information regarding New Built Home Property Assessments.

Tax Adjustment

If the status of your property changes due to fire, demolition, or otherwise, please inform us in writing by completing a Form 357/358, so the necessary adjustments to the assessed value and/or tax class can be processed.

Application under Section 357 

A property owner may make application under Section 357 of the Municipal Act for a refund of property taxes for the following reasons:

  • Ceased to be liable to be taxed at rate it is taxed
  • Became exempt
  • Fire/Demolition
  • Mobile unit removed

The property tax refund application can be made for a period during the year or for the entire year.  This application must be made to the Municipality no later than February 28 of the year following the taxation year to which the application relates.

Application under Section 358 – Gross or Manifest Clerical Error 

A property owner may make application under Section 358 for one or both of the two years preceding the year in which application is made for an overcharge caused by a gross or manifest error in the preparation of the assessment roll that is clerical or factual in nature but not an error in judgement in assessing the property. 

This application must be made to the Municipality of Central Elgin between March 1 and December 31 of a year.  A separate application is required per year. 


Tax Assessment Appeal

If you disagree with your property tax assessment, file a Request for Reconsideration (RFR) with MPAC or appeal to the Assessment Review Board (ARB) by their deadlines.

How MPAC Assesses Your Property Video

Tax Certificates

Tax certificates are available upon completing and submitting the Tax Certificate Request Form and payment of $60.75. Central Elgin will email and mail out completed tax certificates.

Tax Certificate Request Form

Designated Heritage Properties

Central Elgin has a vibrant history with features and properties that reflect our natural and cultural heritage.

If you're interested in designating your property, please refer to the Designated Heritage section.