The Property Tax Portal is a convenient way to review your Central Elgin property tax account anytime, anywhere, from your computer or mobile device.

Property Tax Portal

Details provided included:

  • Account Balance

  • Current and Previous Billing Amounts

  • Payment Details

  • Due Dates

Realtors and Law Firms this portal is also available for you to obtain:

  • Assessment Values

  • Annual Tax Levies

  • Legal Descriptions By Property Address

If you require assistance obtaining your roll number and/or PIN please contact our main office or our Property Tax Coordinator. Please note that the portal provides a summary of your property tax at the time of access, and may not reflect recent updates. 

How to Register

Step 1

Link and Register

At the main menu for first time registrants please select from Step 1 "Link & Register".

 Register For Portal Step 1

Step 2

Show Me How

At the bottom of the screen, select the "Show Me How" button.

Register For Portal Step 2

Step 3

Property Tax Details

On the next screen is where you will key in your property tax details.


Property Tax Number Breakdown

Step 4

Personalize Your Access

In the next screen it'll ask for a:
  • Username, Email, Password
  • Select "Save"

And you're done! You will now have access to your property tax account details at any time!

Walk Through Instructions