The Municipality of Central Elgin provides residents free FOG Cups to collect their fats, oils, and grease. The degradable FOG cup can be placed in your garbage.

If you do not have a FOG cup, you can also collect fats, oils, and grease in a coffee cup or can that you can place in the freezer. When it is full, please throw it out in your garbage.

How to use this cup

  1. Pour cooled kitchen fats, oils, grease (FOG) into this container
  2. Put the lid on and store in your fridge or freezer until full or ready for disposal
  3. Put full cups into garbage

Common forms of household waste that should not go down the drain include: gravy, salad dressing, bacon grease, cooking oil, soup, dairy products, any meat fat, butter and margarine.

Impact to sanitary sewer and septic systems

When fats, oil and grease from food are poured down the drain, they are often in a warm liquid. This may not seem harmful but, as the liquid cools, the grease becomes a hardened mass. As grease build ups over time, this mass restricts the flow of sewage – both on your property and under the roadway. In fact, pipes blocked by grease are an increasingly common cause of sewage back-ups and septic issues in homes as well as sewer overflows. Each year, a considerable amount of time and money is spent cleaning clogged pipes throughout the Municipality as a result of grease in the sanitary sewer system.

Picture of FOG Cup