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Use at least 2 blue boxes for curbside recycling, and keep paper and containers (plastic, metal, glass, laminated cups and cartons) separated. 

To ensure your recyclables are collected, please follow the curbside recycling requirements:

  • Place recyclables at the curbside by 7 am, but no earlier than 6 pm the night before collection day
  • Empty and rinse containers
  • Flatten boxes and tie cardboard into bundles no larger than 30" X 30" X 8"
  • Place recyclables 5 feet from your garbage cart, if possible
  • Recycling placed in an acceptable Blue Box

How to Recycle

Putting non-recyclable items into the recycling bin causes problems at the sorting facility. Please separate your recycling into a blue box for paper products and a blue box for containers. 

Paper Products

  • Boxboard (i.e. cereal, detergent, cracker and tissue boxes)
  • Cardboard (i.e. clean pizza boxes, packing boxes)
  • Catalogues, magazines, newspaper, and phone books
  • Egg cartons
  • Miscellaneous paper products such as flyers, envelopes and writing paper


  • Paper cups
  • Ice cream tubs
  • Plastic blister packaging
  • Milk and juice cartons, drink boxes, cardboard cans
  • Aluminum and steel containers
  • Empty aerosol cans
  • Empty paint cans, aluminum foil and pie plates
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Plastic bottles and tubs with the number 1 through 7 on the bottom of the container

Unacceptable Materials

  • Dark coloured paper, construction paper and wrapping paper
  • Ceramics, drinking glasses and dishes
  • Broken glass, plate glass, window glass, light bulbs and mirrors
  • Paper tissues/towels
  • StyrofoamTM (i.e., cups, packaging)
  • Wood
  • Plastic bags (return to your local grocery store)
  • Plastic wrap
  • Propane cylinders
  • Toys
  • Coat hangers, pots and pans
  • Batteries
  • Empty motor oil containers and other household special waste (i.e. pesticides) containers


Central Elgin offers battery recycling at both the Belmont and Port Stanley arenas, as well as the main office (during regular business hours)

Location Details
Belmont Arena - 14020 Belmont Road, Belmont
Port Stanley Arena - 332 Carlow Road, Port Stanley
Main Office - 450 Sunset Drive, St. Thomas

Glass and Sharp Objects

Recyclable materials are handled by collection and sorting staff. Please do not place broken glass and sharp objects in the recycling bin. Instead, dispose of broken glass and sharp objects by completely sealing the pieces in a cardboard box and label as "Glass" or "Sharp" and set out with your garbage at the curbside. 


The Community Recycling Centre at 330 South Edgeware Road in St. Thomas will accept electronics.


Many textiles that are thrown into the garbage can be given an extended life or reused. Most donation centres accept laundered clothing towels, linens, curtains, fabrics including those that may be worn, torn or stained for reuse or to be repurposed as rags.

All donated textiles must be dry and free of any medical or hazardous liquids. As a reminder, please do not leave items outside of donation centres or bins.

  • Canadian Diabetes Collection Program
  • Goodwill Industries
  • Salvation Army
  • Mission Thrift Store

St. Thomas Community Recycling Centre

The Community Recycling Centre at 330 South Edgeware Road in St. Thomas also accepts recycling from Central Elgin residents.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is my scheduled collection day?

Please visit the Collection Schedule page for more information.

Why wasn't my recycling picked up?

 Your blue box may not have been collected if:

  • Recycling was not out by 7 am, and you may have missed the truck
  • Recycling was not separated properly
  • Blue box contained non-recyclable material
  • Dogs were running loose and the workers couldn't safely collect, or
  • Your recycling was not in plain view of the truck driver

When possible, the driver will leave a tag explaining why your recycling was not picked up.

Please correct problem and set it out for collection the following week. If you believe that there was an error, please contact the main office.

I’m new to Central Elgin and need a blue bin

First and foremost, Welcome to Central Elgin!

Central Elgin gives new residential builds a small blue bin free of charge. Please contact the main office with your address so that it can be delivered to you.

You are also able to purchase blue bins from any hardware store of your choice, or from the main office at a cost of $11.

Replace a Broken Blue Bin

If Central Elgin accidentally damaged your blue bin, please call the office so that we can rectify the situation and provide you with a replacement bin.