Central Elgin is getting a new app for recycling! Stay tuned for more details about its launch in mid August! In the meantime learn what materials go in your recycling bin, find your recycling schedule, receive service alerts and more here!

The Community Recycling Centre located at 330 South Edgeware Road in St. Thomas accepts any household hazardous waste (fee's may apply).

They accept the following hazardous items:

  • Aerosol Containers
  • Batteries (household and automotive )
  • Disinfectants
  • Fertilizers and Pesticides
  • Fire Extinguishers and Smoke Detectors
  • Fluorescent Bulbs/Tubes
  • Mercury Switches and Thermometers
  • Needles and Syringes (in a puncture proof container)
  • Motor Oil
  • Oven and Window Cleaners
  • Paints and Coatings
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Tires
  • Yard Waste
  • Furniture
  • Scrap Metal

Hours of Operation

Full-Time Hours

(effective March 14 - November 21, 2023)

Monday: closed

Tuesday: 10am - 6pm

Wednesday: 10am - 6pm

Thursday: 10am - 6pm

Friday: 10am - 6pm

Saturday: 8am - 3pm

Sunday: closed

Part-Time Hours

(effective November 22, 2022 - March 13, 2023)

Monday: closed

Tuesday: closed

Wednesday: 8am - 4:30pm

Thursday: closed

Friday: closed

Saturday: 8am - 3pm

Sunday: closed