The Municipality of Central Elgin regulates the discharge of fireworks through the Fireworks By-law and the Noise By-law. If you're planning to sell fireworks, you are required to let the Central Elgin Fire department know.

Display Fireworks

You don't need a permit to buy or use consumer fireworks for personal use on the following days:

  • Victoria Day
  • Canada Day

Fireworks Safety

Fireworks can be dangerous if not handled responsibly.

Give Space

  • Make sure you are not close to houses, trees, cars, overhead wires or dry grass
  • Keep onlookers a safe distance away from the area where the fireworks are discharged
  • Set fireworks at a 10-degree angle, pointing away from people

Be Safe

  • Appoint one responsible person to light fireworks
  • Carefully read and follow the label directions on fireworks packaging
  • Use a good firing base such as a pail filled with dirt or sand
  • Keep a water hose or pail of water close by
  • Never try to light a firework in your hand or re-light dud fireworks
  • Sparkler wires remain hot after burnout, soak them in water immediately
  • Always supervise children near fireworks and sparklers
  • Always light the fuse at its tip