The Municipality of Central Elgin has a bulk water station located in Port Stanley on East Road. Please see the Bulk Water Filling Station Reference Guide for more information.

You can pre-purchase bulk water from the main office.


Water purchased from the bulk filling station is 15% higher than the cost charged to the municipalities' own residential water customers. The 2023 residential rate is $3.19 per cubic meter, thus the bulk fill station rate for 2023 will be $3.67 per cubic meter (1000L).

In addition to this fee there will be a deposit of $20.00 require to cover the cost of the FOB itself in the event that it is lost or damaged. The deposit will be returned when the FOB is returned in good condition.

The following table will outline the costs of the water filling FOBS:

Bulk Water FOB Cost

ColourLitres of WaterCost of WaterFOB DepositTotal Cost


25, 000





100, 000





400, 000