The Municipality of Central Elgin enforces the Animal Control By-law and partners with the St. Thomas City Animal Services Centre to address animal problems.

Dangerous Dogs

If you have a complaint about a dangerous dog, please fill out the Complaint Form, so By-Law Enforcement can address the issue as soon as possible. 

The Municipality regulates potentially dangerous dogs through the Dangerous Dog By-law. The By-law can require restrictions on the dog including muzzling and additional insurance.

Kennel License

You require a kennel license if you have, or are looking to run, a kennel on your property.

Generally, a kennel license will only be issued within a rural area, subject to compliance with the applicable zoning by-law.

Licenses may be purchased by visiting the main office at a cost of $160.25.

Stray Dogs

Please contact the St. Thomas City Animal Services Centre (519-631-7430) if your dog is missing or if you see a stray dog. 


If you find an orphaned, injured, ill or displaced wild animal or bird, please contact an Authorized Wildlife Rehabilitator located in Central Elgin. They are volunteers, trained in dealing with wildlife conflicts. They can offer humane alternatives and can assist you on whether intervention is necessary. They are not a removal service.


Coyotes generally do not pose a danger to people, but can pose a danger for pets. They are active during the day and at night, particularly dusk and dawn. 

Remember these tips when dealing with coyotes:
  • Never feed any wildlife. This will ensure they maintain their natural instincts and their wariness towards humans.
  •  Clean under bird feeders and fruit trees regularly.

  •  Do not leave pet food or water bowls outside. 

  • Never approach coyotes, their den or their young.

  • Never approach an injured coyote or pup. Contact an Authorized Wildlife Rehabilitator. 

  • If you see a coyote, do not run. Do not scream, yell "GO AWAY" and make loud noises with pans or a plastic bag until they leave the area.

  • Keep all garbage and recycling secure and do not put it out until collection day.

For more information on coyotes please visit the Coyote Watch Canada.