The Municipality of Central Elgin's year-round road maintenance programs provide safety for all road users, and the highest quality of service for road infrastructure.

Report a Road Repair or Maintenance Issue


Municipal staff perform road patrols all year to monitor road maintenance and carry out the programs listed below.

Asphalt Resurfacing

Central Elgin staff prepare an annual asphalt resurfacing program based on the status of road conditions and in conjunction with the state of the infrastructure, Roads Detailed Asset Management Plan, and the Roads Needs Study from 4Roads Management Services Inc.


Painting and Markings

We repaint all of our urban and rural roads, bike lanes and pedestrian crosswalks each spring. Which provides lane designation and Way finding, assist in user safety. This performance must meet the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control.


Tree Removal and Brushing 

Tree Removal and Brushing clears the road of tree branches and limbs for cyclist and vehicle safety and ensures effective storm water runoff is maintained.


Pot Holes

Long harsh winters, heavy traffic and time can wreak havoc on our municipal roadways. Cold/hot patching takes place to aid in these occurrences to help improve ride ability and meet the Ontario Provincial Regulations.

If you notice a pavement heave, pothole, or sinkhole on a road in the Municipality, please contact us immediately.


Catch Basins

Catch basins, also known as storm sewers, are vital in controlling potential flood situations. Water from sidewalks and streets drain into these catch basins. For this reason, it is important to keep them clear of debris. We monitor and clear these catch basins, especially in areas that have been known to have flooding issues. Please do not sweep grass clippings and other debris onto the road. These materials eventually make their way into catch basins and can potentially keep water from draining properly into them, as well as making their way into our waterways.


Curb and Gutters

Curbs and gutters along urban roads are used to accumulate storm water and direct it to catch basins. Maintenance of curbs and gutters is completed by our Public Works Department.


Street Sweeping

The street sweeping program removes winter sanding materials, leaves and debris that have accumulated on roads. Municipal staff collect sand from the roads, screen it and then store it to reuse in the winter months.


Elgin County Roads

Public Works maintains all municipal roadways with the exception of Elgin County roads.

The Municipality maintains all roads within the boundaries of Central Elgin.

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