Central Elgin now offers residents an Online Portal to access their utility billing and property tax information. View instructions on setting up your portal account here.

The Municipality of Central Elgin regulates municipal water and wastewater systems and rates through the Water and Wastewater User Fee and Charges By-law.

Central Elgin provides residents with monthly water bills, to understand your bill better select the button below.

Understanding Your Bill

Payment and Account Changes

You are required to pay your water/wastewater bill by the due date.

Payment Options

Online or Telephone Banking

When paying online or by phone through your bank, It is recommended to pay at least 3 business days before the due date. Most banks can schedule payments ahead of time. The payee name can vary depending on the bank.

Here are just a few samples from some popular bank providers:

  • RBC - Central Elgin (Municipality) Water
  • CIBC - Central Elgin (Munc of) Water
  • TD - Central Elgin Water
  • BMO - Central Elgin, Municipality of, Water

Use your 12-digit water account number as the account number. Do not leave any spaces or decimal point between the numbers. Contact your bank for assistance.

Pre-Authorized Payments

Using this plan Central Elgin automatically withdraws the amount of your water bill from your bank account. You will still receive a bill with the due date and total amount to be withdrawn. 

Pre-Authorized Payment Form

Change or Cancel Pre-Authorized Payment Plan

Change/Cancel Pre-Authorized Payments


By mail to the municipal office (cheques only)

  • Write your water account number on the back of a cheque (payable to the Central Elgin)
  • Include the top portion of your invoice
  • Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you would like a receipt

In Person

In person during operating hours by cash, cheque and debit (after-hours drop box available)


Moving To Central Elgin

Welcome to Central Elgin! New residents coming to the municipality will want to set up both:
  • Water account
  • Property tax account (property tax accounts are usually generated by the lawyers paperwork)

All other utilities, such as gas and hydro, are done through outside companies.

Create An Account

Moving From Central Elgin

Residents leaving the municipality will want to submit their closing dates to both the water and property tax departments:
  • Water account
  • Property tax account (property tax accounts are usually generated by the lawyers paperwork)

All other utilities, such as gas and hydro, are done through outside companies.

Close An Account

Rates and Services

All of Central Elgin's residents have access to clean, dependable water. Water and wastewater operations, as well as infrastructure, are essential for maintaining this. Operating and infrastructure replacement costs are factored into the rates.

Water Rates


Base Charge

The base charge is billed when you are connected to the water system.

Residential houses have a water base charge of $32.31.

Consumption Charge

This charge is based on the amount of water you use, as measured by the water meter.

The consumption rate is $3.26 per cubic metre of water used.

Wastewater Rates

Base Charge

The base charge is based on the size of your wastewater connection.

Residential houses have a wastewater base charge of $35.51

Consumption Charge

The consumption rate is $2.85 per cubic metre of water used.

Background Study

The current Water and Wastewater Rate Study forms the utility rates.

The study delivers a long-term water and wastewater financial recovery plan.


Central Elgin has a bulk water station located in Port Stanley on East Road.

For more information please visit the Bulk Water Station page.

Water FAQ

When discussing water/wastewater many thoughts and questions come up! You're not alone, and Central Elgin is here to help with any questions you have big or small!

Take a look below at common questions that come up. For any other inquires please call one of the utility billing coordinators, as they would be happy to assist you.

Why am I being billed when the month isn't over?

Each month you are invoiced for standard base charges as well as consumption charges based on actual reads from your previous month usage.

What are base charges?

Base charges cover administration, capital costs, debt repayment, water treatment, distribution, the purchase of water from the water boards and regulatory compliance.

Why is my invoice the same amount as last month or the same as my neighbours?

Invoices are comprised of two amounts, base charges, which are the same amount monthly for all residents and consumption. If you use the same amount of consumption (measured per cubic meter) month to month, your invoice is likely to remain the same. It is not unusual to see a household use close to the same amount of water each month when following the same routine each month.

Why is my consumption higher than usual?

Higher consumption could indicate a leak in your home. The most common leaks are toilets, faucets, sprinkler systems & water softeners. Residents are responsible for maintenance and repairs of these items.

To learn more about checking for leaks in your home please visit our Checking for Leaks page or our Conservation Tips page

Does each household pay the same water rate?

Yes - the rates apply to all residents of the Municipality of Central Elgin on municipal water services.

How does Central Elgin determine the amount of consumption to be invoiced each month?

Each month your meter is read through a touch pad located outside of your home. This read is compared against your previous month read which determines the amount of cubic meters your home has used in the billing cycle. This number is reported on your invoice each month. If we are unable to obtain a meter read we will schedule an appointment to make repairs and your invoice will be estimated.

What is the average consumption in a month?

The average family consumes 12 cubic meters in a one month period.

What if I have not received my bill?

Residents will receive an invoice monthly from the Municipality either via e-mail or mail depending on your account preferences. If you have not received your invoice, please contact our office directly.

Hotmail Accounts

We have found with some of our Hotmail account users, that they are unable to receive their bills. Please follow the steps below to verify the bills are marked as safe, and therefore will be accepted into your inbox.

On your desktop computer, while you are signed into your Hotmail account you need to follow these steps:

  1. In the top right corner of your screen select the round tool called "Settings".
  2. In the Search menu type "Safe Sender".
  3. After typing "Safe Sender", select the option "Safe Senders And Domains".
  4. Select +ADD and then add our address utilitybills@centralelgin.org to your safe sender list to prevent our e-mail from being directed to your Junk folder.

Does having a fire hydrant close by affect me property insurance?

Fire is a major concern, so it's an advantage to live near a hydrant or station. The closer you are, the better the chances of saving your property in the event of fire. In urban areas, proximity usually isn't a problem. But in more remote or rural areas, the distance may be greater, influencing the cost of insurance.

The water systems in Central Elgin are rated to provide fire protection for your property and your property insurance rates should reflect that.