The Municipality of Central Elgin strives for well-managed growth and a diverse, sustainable economy. Plans and studies help determine how we can grow in a way that benefits the community and enhances the economic potential. Review the Municipal plans, reports and studies for more information.

Asset Management

The Municipality's Asset Management Policy and Plans analyze municipal assets, such as roads, facilities and infrastructure to determine the overall state of the assets and to plan asset maintenance now and in the future.

Environmental Plans

Ontario Regulation 507/18 Broader Public Sector: Energy Reporting and Conservation and Demand Management Plans dictates the process for the compilation, submission and publication of annual energy reports and energy conservation and demand management plans. The Municipality of Central has tracked and analyzed operation energy and energy efficiency data since 2011.

Land Use

Check out Central Elgin's land use and urban planning studies and reports to learn more about land use planning in the Municipality

Recreation and Culture Plans

Find out how the Municipality of Central Elgin's recreation and cultural plans promote the development of a safe, healthy and active lifestyle: