The Municipality of Central Elgin is committed to accountability and transparency. This is done by regularly publishing agendas, meeting minutes financial statements, council reports and strategic plans.

Council Procedures

The rules governing Council meetings are set out in the Municipal Act and Procedural By-law adopted by Council.

Code of Conduct

There is a Code of Conduct for Members of Council of the Municipality of Central Elgin. If you have concerns with a member of Councils Conduct please fill out the Complaint Form that can be submitted to the Integrity Commissioner Mark McDonald of the Independent Resolutions Incorporated 519-670-4517 or 

Customer Service

The Municipality is committed to a fair, consistent and transparent process to respond to stakeholder service complaints regarding any of our programs, facilities, services and procedures, as supported by the Stakeholder Service Standards Policy.

Freedom of Information Requests

Learn how to file a Freedom of Information Request in the Municipality of Central Elgin. You can request access to any government record that isn’t publicly available.

Investigation of Closed Meetings

Anyone wishing to question the appropriateness of a meeting of Council or a committee that was closed to the public may submit a Closed Meeting Complaint Form to Mark McDonald of the Independent Resolutions Incorporated 519-670-4517 or

A Closed Meeting Investigator will decide whether an investigation is warranted and if so, conduct an investigation and submit the findings and recommendations to an open meeting of Council.


The Municipal Ombudsman works independent of Council. You can contact Mark McDonald of the Independent Resolutions Incorporated 519-670-4517 or