The Municipality of Central Elgin runs on a garbage cart collection system which has the following benefits:

  • Easy to roll durable carts means no heavy lifting or dragging material to the curb;
  • Secure cart lids will help neighbourhood esthetics by keeping material contained, as well as keeping rodents at bay;
  • Customizable cart sizes to best suit your household needs;
  • Improved worker health and safety.

Cart Information 

Cart Sizes



Weight Limit





1 - 1.5

40 lbs

87 cm

41 cm

55 cm


1.5 - 2

65 lbs

95 cm

49 cm

54 cm


3 - 4

120 lbs

110 cm

62 cm

70 cm


5 - 6

160 lbs

113 cm

64 cm

87 cm

 *Garbage capacity is by standard black garbage bags

You will see a separate line item charge for garbage collection under the Special Charges/Credits section of your property tax bill (example: 80 L Cart will appear as 'SMCART')

Cart Fees



Cart Delivery Fee


Garbage Cart 80L


Garbage Cart 120L


Garbage Cart 240L


Garbage Cart 360L


Garbage Cart 80L - Collection Service


Garbage Cart 120L - Collection Service


Garbage Cart 240L - Collection Service


Garbage Cart 360L -Collection Service


Exchanging Cart Size

If you feel your cart size is not accommodating to your household needs, please email to change your cart size. Please note there is an exchange fee.

Curbside Placement

Putting your cart out the right way on collection day ensures your cart will be collected safety and on schedule. The placement of cart is very important because the automated truck's mechanical arm needs sufficient room to pick up and empty the cart. All material must be placed in the cart with the lid completely closed. 

Overflowing carts will not be collected. Additional material can be placed in a garbage bag place beside the cart with a bag tag on it. Please see the bag tag section for additional information on bag tags.

Follow these guidelines for placing your cart at the curb:

  • Place wheels against the curb and the arrows on the lid pointing to the street;
  • Do not block the sidewalks, roadway or bike lanes;
  • Leave 4ft of space on all sides of your cart;
  • Leave 10 ft of clearance above your cart;
  • Ensure the lid is closed on your cart; and
  • Keep your cart away from obstructions like parked cars, poles and utility boxes

Bag Tags

All of your garbage is placed in the supplied cart and no bag tag is required.

Bag tags can be purchased at the main office at a cost $5.25 and never expire.

Excess Waste

Residents are encouraged to place as much material with curbside recycling so that we can minimize the amount of waste going to landfill and we can work towards meeting our regional waste diversion goals. Please visit the Recycling Section for more details.

You also have the option to use the St. Thomas Community Recycling Centre (330 South Edgeware Road, St. Thomas) to dispose of excess recycling, compostable or garbage (please check their website to see if fee's apply).

Some tips to help maximize space in your cart and manage your excess waste include:


Extra Recycling

  • Break down and flatten boxes
  • Stomp on milk jugs and other bulky plastic containers
  • Only put accepted materials in your blue bin
  • Hold onto extra recycling until your next scheduled recycling collection day
  • Drop items off at St. Thomas Recycling Centre

Visit the Recycling Section.

  • Grasscycling means leaving your mowed grass on the lawn, allowing it to decompose and release water and nutrients back into the soil.
  • Grasscycling is great for your lawn; it promotes a healthier and deeper root system, increases grass resistance to drought and disease and keep moisture in the soil which decreases lawn watering.
  • Leaving your clippings on your grass can also save you maintenance time.

Visit the Grasscycling Section.

Leaf Mulching
  • Take the grass catcher off your mower and mow over the leaves on your lawn, reducing your leaf clutter into dime-size pieces.
  • Allow the leaf bits to decompose so nutrients are released back into the soil.
  • Leaves can be mulched and used in gardens and planting beds and as a filler in your backyard composter.
  • Matted layers of unmulched leaves can negatively affect lawns, so ensure that you do not mulch to the point where the leaves smother the grass.

Visit the Leaf Mulching Section.

Backyard Composting

Backyard composting is a great way to manage food and yard waste in your own backyard that will produce compost for your garden, lawn and potted plants.
  • To avoid attracting pests such as rodents and to minimize odors, always avoid composting the following materials: meat, fish, bones, grains, breads, baked goods, dairy products, oils, cat waste, or dog waste.
  • There are several different styles of backyard composters available at local retailers
  • Find more information on how to get started with backyard composting visit the Compost Council of Canada website or the Compost Research and Education Foundation website.

Visit the Backyard Composting Section.


Frequently Asked Questions

View the FAQs for the cart program below.

Can I request a second cart for my garbage?

No, unfortunately at the time we can only accommodate service for one cart per household.


Who owns the carts?

The Municipality owns the carts and will be responsible for the maintenance of the carts. The cart will be assigned to each household and will stay with the property. If you move, your cart stays at the house.


How will I differentiate my cart from my neighbours?

All carts are identical so having your address on your cart will make it easy for you and your neighbour to distinguish the carts. 


Do I take the cart with me when I move?

No. Each cart is assigned to your address so it is important that the cart stays with the assigned property. When moving to a new home, leave your cart at your old home and use the cart that is at the new address. The previous owner or tenant in your new home should leave their cart behind. If there is no cart there when you move in, please contact the Municipality to request a cart at


What do I do if my cart gets damaged, lost or stolen?

Please contact the Municipality at to report a damaged, lost or stolen cart.


What do I do with hazardous waste?

Please visit the Hazardous Waste Section to determine if your item is acceptable at the St. Thomas Community Recycling Centre (330 South Edgeware Road, St. Thomas).

If it is (which most are) this is the appropriate and environmentally safe way to dispose of the item in question.