The Official Plan is a central guiding document that provides the framework for growth, development, and protection of built and natural heritage assets across the municipality.

An official plan deals mainly with issues such as:

  • Where new housing, industry, offices and shops will be located
  • What services like roads, watermains, sewers, parks and schools will be needed
  • When, and in what order, parts of your community will grow
  • Community improvement initiatives


Municipal Wide Schedules

Schedule 1 - Land Use Structure

Schedule A - Land Use

Schedule A1 - Roads Classification

Schedule A2 -  Environmental Features

Schedule A3 - Aggregate and Petroleum Resources

Community Based Schedules


Schedule B - Land Use

Schedule B1 - Roads Classification

Schedule B2 - Community Improvement


Schedule C - Land Use

Schedule C1 - Roads Classification


Schedule D - Land Use

Schedule D1 - Roads Classification

Norman Lyndale

Schedule E - Land Use

Schedule E1 - Roads Classification


Schedule F - Land Use

Schedule F1 - Roads Classification

Schedule F2 - Community Improvement

Port Stanley

Port Stanley Harbour Secondary Plan

Waterfront Master Plans

Schedule G - Land Use

Schedule G1 - Roads Classification

Schedule G2 - Natural Hazards

Schedule G3 - Port Stanley Harbour

Schedule G3 - 1 - Land Use

Schedule G3 - 2a Natural Hazards Overlay

Schedule G3 - 2b Natural Hazards Overlay

Schedule G3 - 3 Maximum Building Height

Schedule G3 - 4 Transportation Improvements

Schedule G4 - Community Improvement

New Sarum

Schedule H - Land Use

Schedule H1 - Road Classification


Schedule I  - Land Use

Schedule I1 - Roads Classification


Schedule J - Land Use

Schedule J1 - Roads Classification

Schedule J2 - Community Improvement


Employment Lands Schedules

Schedule K - Employment Areas

Schedule L - Employment Areas - Airport

Schedule L1 - St. Thomas Municipal Airport Noise Contours

Schedule L2 - St. Thomas Municipal Airport Noise Contours

Special Schedules

Schedule SD1 - Special Development Area 1

Schedule SW1 - Community of Belmont Wellhead Protection Area

Schedule SW2 - Community of Port Stanley Lake Erie Primary Water Supply Intake Protection Zones