Municipality of Central Elgin

Application for Exemption to the Noise By-law No. 212

Regarding St. Thomas Dragway

Report AMDS.18.23

Date April 11, 2023

To Council

Prepared By Curtis Gremonprez, Manager of By-Law Enforcement

To Council April 24, 2023


THAT Council grant an exemption to By-law No. 212, being a By-law to control noise in the Municipality of Central Elgin, as amended, to allow the St. Thomas Dragway to host a concert as part of a weekend program taking place on May 20th, 2023 from 7pm - 10:30pm.


On March 21, 2023, a letter was received from the St. Thomas Dragway requesting exemption
from By-law No. 212, being the noise by-law for the Municipality. The exemption is sought to
allow for the amplification of sound after 7pm in an Open Space Zone.

Additional Information

  • The extension from 7:00p.m. to10:30p.m. will allow an additional three hours.
  • All amplified noise and speakers will be monitored and face south easterly from facility.
  • The stage faces a 20 foot high dirt berm and has a15 foot sound wall to its left to allow for sound containment and redirection into appropriate areas.
  • Implement an effective traffic management plan before and after the event (utilizing both gates with parking staff on hand for the entire day, etc.)
  • Hire appropriate security/OPP to oversee the concert aspect.