Enbridge Gas teams up with Central Elgin Fire Rescue Services to
Reduce Fire and Carbon Monoxide Deaths through Safe Community Project Zero

MUNICIPALITY OF CENTRAL ELGIN, November 14, 2023 – Yesterday, Enbridge Gas Inc. (Enbridge Gas), the Fire Marshal’s Public Fire Safety Council (FMPFSC) and Central Elgin Fire Rescue Services announced they are working together to improve home safety and bring fire and carbon monoxide-related deaths down to zero.

Central Elgin Fire Rescue Services received 162 combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarms through Safe Community Project Zero–a public education campaign that will provide more than 10,000 alarms to residents in 50 municipalities across Ontario.

This year, Enbridge Gas invested $315,000 in Safe Community Project Zero, and over the past 15 years, the program has provided more than 86,000 alarms to Ontario fire departments.
When properly installed and maintained, combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarms help provide the early warning to safely escape from a house fire or carbon monoxide exposure. Carbon monoxide is a toxic, odourless gas that is a by-product of incomplete combustion of many types of common fuels.

“Properly maintaining fuel burning equipment is the best way to reduce potential exposure to carbon monoxide, and an alarm is a critical second line of defense for protection. When we implement these strategies together, we protect our loved ones from carbon monoxide poisoning, also known as the silent killer,” says Doug Chapman, St. Thomas Operations Supervisor, Enbridge Gas.

“Across Ontario there is a renewed focus on the importance of having working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in your home. The objective of Safe Community Project Zero is to deliver these alarms to areas where they are needed most,” says Jon Pegg, Ontario Fire Marshal and Chair of the FMPFSC. “It’s a program that fire departments can adopt to help educate their communities about the requirement for all Ontario homes to have a carbon monoxide alarm if they have a fuel-burning appliance or an attached garage.”

“These alarms are provided through the generosity of both Enbridge Gas and the Fire Marshal’s Public Fire Safety Council. Legislation states that all homes must have working smoke alarms, and those with fuel burning appliances or an attached garage must have a working carbon monoxide alarm,” says Fire Chief Raymond Ormerod. “We recognize that due to several factors some residents may not have the ability to afford these alarms or may not have the ability to check or replace these alarms when required. This donation will help ensure that our most vulnerable residents are provided protection from the tragedies of fire or carbon monoxide poisoning.”

About Central Elgin Fire Rescue Services
The Central Elgin Fire Rescue Services encompasses over one hundred (100) volunteer firefighters that respond daily to emergency needs from four separate stations located within Belmont, Yarmouth Centre, Union, and Port Stanley. The men and women of the Central Elgin Fire Rescue Services are always ready to assist with the checking or installation of smoke or carbon monoxide alarms for those that may not have the ability to install these devices on their own.

About the FMPFSC
The FMPFSC was established in 1993 with a mission to help create “a world where no one is hurt by fire.” Chaired by the Ontario Fire Marshal, the FMPFSC promotes fire prevention and public education through sponsorships and partnerships with various groups and individuals with an interest in public safety. Follow the FMPFSC on Twitter @FMPFSC.

About Enbridge Gas Inc.

Enbridge Gas is Canada’s largest natural gas storage, transmission and distribution company based in Ontario, with 2023 marking its 175th anniversary of serving customers. The distribution business provides safe, affordable, reliable energy to about 3.9 million customers and is leading the transition to a clean energy future through net-zero emissions targets and investments in innovative low-carbon energy solutions. The storage and transmission business offers a variety of storage and transportation services to customers at the Dawn Hub, the largest integrated underground storage facility in Canada and one of the largest in North America. Enbridge Gas is owned by Enbridge (ENB), a Canadian-based leader in energy transportation and distribution. Visit to learn more.

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For more information, please contact:

Raymond Ormerod, Director of Fire Rescue Services
Tel: 519-631-4860 ext. 249

Kathy Ash, Fire Marshal’s Public Fire Safety Council
Tel: 1-866-379-6668 ext. 105
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