46942 Talbot Line, former Township of Yarmouth
Application No. COA 17-23
TAKE NOTICE that an application has been made by the owners, Rob Henderson, for a minor variance/permission pursuant to Section 45 of the Planning Act, c. P.13, R.S.O. 1990, as amended, on lands known municipally as 46942 Talbot Line former Township of Yarmouth, Municipality of Central Elgin.

The Committee of Adjustment of the Municipality of Central Elgin will hold a Public Hearing on Thursday, August 24th, 2023 @ 12:20 p.m.

The meeting will be conducted in person in the Council Chambers 450 Sunset Dr, St. Thomas and via Zoom Webinar. Detailed information including instructions to join the Zoom meeting can be found at:

The subject lands are within the Open Space Zone 1 (OS1-128) of the Township of Yarmouth Zoning By-Law No. 1998.

The applicant has applied for a minor variance from the provisions of the Township of Yarmouth Zoning By-Law No. 1998, as amended.

The applicant is requesting the following minor variance:
  1. To permit an additional residential unit in a detached accessory building to be serviced with a private septic system, whereas Subsection 7.6.2 of the Zoning By-law requires an additional residential unit to be serviced with a municipal water supply system and a municipal sanitary supply system.

The proposed variance is requested to facilitate the construction of a 6m x 6m (19.68ft x 19.68ft) one-storey additional residential unit on the subject lands, as shown on the plans accompanying the application.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION regarding this application may be accessed on the Municipality’s website: or by contacting the undersigned.

A copy of the decision of the Committee will be sent to the applicant and to each person who provides written confirmation to the Secretary-Treasurer that they wish a copy of the Notice of Decision.

DATED at the Municipality of Central Elgin this 8th day of August 2023.

Delany Leitch
Central Elgin Committee of Adjustment
Municipality of Central Elgin
450 Sunset Drive, 1st Floor
St. Thomas, Ontario N5R 5V1
Telephone: (519) 631-4860 ext. 286